Project Superintendent

Job Description

The Project Superintendent is responsible for the supervision, management and coordination of all field construction activities of a project and for completing the work on schedule, within budget, and at the level of quality and workmanship expected by Buch Construction and our clients. It is the Superintendent’s responsibility to protect and promote Buch Construction’s interests in all matters and do whatever is reasonably required to fulfill his or her duties and responsibilities.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Project Superintendent will conduct all day-to-day operations from the field, and occasionally from the main or satellite offices (i.e. meetings, training, etc.). The Project Superintendent is responsible for:

  • Providing operational support in all phases of the project, preconstruction, construction, and closeout as required;
  • Monitoring and enforcing the Buch Safety Program in accordance with Buch policies and all federal, state, and local laws;
  • Coordinating and reviewing all field installations to verify compliance with the documents and all federal, state and local requirements, and to the quality standards expected;
  • Understanding the Contract Documents, including all drawings, specifications, addenda, etc.
  • Coordinating submittal and RFI responses and document revisions to ensure that all work is installed in accordance with the most current documents and directives;
  • Coordinating all trades, including Owner’s trades as appropriate, while maximizing the production and efficiency necessary to maintain project schedules;
  • Providing weekly look ahead schedules for use by the Project Manager;
  • Verifying that all required permits and licenses have been obtained and are posted on site and coordinating and directing all required inspections;
  • Documenting all aspects of the project in forms and formats required by Buch Construction, including completing daily reports, daily safety reports, and daily quality control reports as well as receiving the same level of daily documentation from subcontractors;
  • Maintaining as-built record drawings, including all trade as-builts, to be incorporated into the final closeout package;
  • Providing leadership to establish and maintain effective and harmonious working relationships on and off the site while also providing a positive project morale;
  • Assisting with environmentally responsible and sustainable construction.


Qualifications & Required Skills

The Project Superintendent should have a high school diploma combined with an Associate’s Degree, a Bachelor’s Degree, or equivalent field experience. The Project Superintendent must be able to read and interpret project drawings and specifications. The Project Superintendent must have an understanding of scheduling and cost analysis. The Project Superintendent must be proficient in computer and tablet use and must be proficient in Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel), and Bluebeam, and have the capability to learn new software applications specific to the industry.

The Project Superintendent must be organized with an ability to properly manage their time by prioritizing tasks. They should be analytical and possess critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They should possess strong communication skills, both verbal and writing, and be able to interact and collaborate with coworkers, clients, and outside vendors to provide quality work. They should be self-motivated and committed. They should show initiative to learn and further grow into a leadership position.

The Project Superintendent will be required to have and maintain First Aid, CPR and AED training and maintain the appropriate certifications. A minimum of OSHA-30 certification is required for all Project Superintendents. OSHA-40 certification is required for all Project Superintendents performing work in New York.  All training will be provided by Buch Construction if certifications are not current.

Job Location(s)

New York City, NY – Servicing the New York City Metropolitan and surrounding Northeast Region

Laurel, MD – Servicing the Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD Metropolitan and surrounding Mid-Atlantic and Southeast Regions

Position Type

Full-Time for all locations, and candidates who are willing to travel should clearly identify that ability on their application and/or resume.

Please email resumes to: