CHP: Sharing Our Knowledge

On November 16, Buch Construction Project Manager Jeff Williford discussed one of the company’s current projects, a CHP Plant (Combined Heat and Power), at a presentation attended by industry experts from Lockheed Martin, AlbanCAT, local utility companies, and several government agencies. The event was hosted by eSai LLC, led by founder/principal Dr. Nandini Mouli. ESai is a leader in comprehensive solutions to energy management and carbon footprint concerns.

The expedited six-month project (initially planned for a year) consisted of installing a 2.5 MW AlbanCAT 3500 Series generator on the campus of MedImmune, the region’s largest biotech company. The project scope included underground utilities, ground up steel and cast-in-place structure, and mechanical and electrical tie-ins. Start-up took place on 11/19/2016. The system is currently going through an extensive commissioning process prior to client turnover.

“We are thrilled to be a part of such a cutting-edge project with a spectacular project team,” said Mike Buch, Senior Vice President. “And we are glad to share our knowledge with others in the field.”

A time lapse video of the construction can be viewed here.