Employee Spotlight

JORGE MOREIRA · Safety Manager

How did you get into this profession and what excites you about Safety?
I started my construction career building concrete structures. Impressed with my record, the Sr. Superintendent offered me an opportunity to work in their Safety Department. Since then I have grown and learned a lot about safety. I take pride in ensuring all employees return home to their families safely after a day at work.

What does a typical day at work look like for you?
I start my day at 4:00 am, I make some breakfast and get to site at 6:00 am. I typically inspect four projects a day. These safety inspections consist of analyzing the site to ensure OSHA & Buch safety regulations are in place. Whether those regulations are in regards to building safety, such as guard rails, or making sure all workers have the proper PPE, it is my job to make sure the project has been inspected and is in compliance with our safety regulations.

What is a skill you have enhanced most since working at Buch?
My communication skills have improved significantly since the time I started working at Buch. I am a native Spanish speaker, which is useful in communicating with others on site. It allows me to educate more individuals on the importance of following safety protocols. I also get to communicate with many different people which allows me to build stronger interpersonal relationships with coworkers, clients and subcontractors.

What career advice would you give graduates just starting out their career in the field?
I would advise new hires to do your job honestly, responsibly, and enthusiastically enforce regulations. At times, you may receive pushback from people but learning to effectively communicate the importance of safety is an important skill to acquire as a Safety professional.

What does Beyond What is Expected mean to you?
Going Beyond What is Expected is getting satisfaction knowing you went above what was necessary and having pride in the work you did. 

What is your why?
My ‘why’ as a Safety Manager is being the invisible link between those who work on our sites and their families. It is my goal for everyone to return home uninjured each and every day!