Employee Spotlight



What is the best way to explain what your job is about?
My job is to help everyone navigate an ever-digitizing world. I understand that many struggle with IT so it’s my job to find intuitive software and hardware solutions that are easy to use and make us more efficient. I also balance convenience and ease-of-access with a secure infrastructure to protect against cyber threats which become more prevalent and sophisticated every year.

Why did you decide to work for Buch Construction?
Before working full-time for Buch, I was an IT consultant working with many other companies in the area. When I made the transition, it was exciting to me that Buch was willing to make a good investment for quality hardware that is fast and reliable and keeps our employees working efficiently.

How do you apply your knowledge of technology to a construction company?
Construction brings a lot of specific challenges. We need constant access to our data which can be difficult for remote or underground jobsites. By implementing various hardware devices and using multiple carriers I’m able to provide a fast and reliable internet connection for all employees. In this industry, there are varying degrees of technical skill between employees. I use my wealth of experience working with people from all backgrounds to make sure they know how to properly use the technology they’re given.

What most excites you about your work and the contribution that you make?
I love finding better ways to do things and streamlining our operations. In the past, lots of our processes required the use of multiple software packages that didn’t speak well together. When I see an outdated process, I look for newer, better software that meets all of our needs in a single package. This drastically reduces data duplication which reduces errors and simplifies our workflow. When people come up to me and praise something I’ve implemented, it tells me I’m making an impact within the company.

What does “Beyond What’s Expected” mean to you?
To me, this means keeping the company’s IT Infrastructure up and running no matter what. As the IT Manager of a 200+ employee company that’s spread across multiple regions, and with 24/7/365 jobsite hours, this means lots of late nights and weekend work to keep things running. It also means being proactive instead of reactive. Many IT professionals simply fix problems as they occur and move on. I go out of my way to research and test multiple software solutions before deciding on what works best for our company.

What is something you enjoy doing for fun that is not related to technology?
Spending quality time with my family is very important. When I have a few spare moments to myself, I like riding motorcycles and dirt bikes, racing cars, and shooting sports.