Employee Spotlight

JOY YARAYAN · Accounting Clerk

Reflecting on your years at Buch, what has been one of your favorite days working at Buch? 

One of my favorite days working at Buch was my first day. When I first walked into the Buch office, I remember this feeling of opportunity; that I was going to get the chance to grow and learn here. Everyone went out of their way to greet me and treat me like I was a part of their family. From my first day, I knew Buch was going to be a good place for me to grow, surrounded by supportive coworkers.  

What is one place you haven’t traveled to yet that is on your list? 

Japan. My daughter is fluent in Japanese and studied Asian history so getting to go there with her is definitely on my list.  

What is it like to work in the Buch office? 

Everyone here cares about one other and it shows. Being in this supportive atmosphere makes me truly love coming to work. I see my coworkers as family, and we care for one other as a family does. The dynamic between the accounting team is fun but hardworking. We have become a close-knit team where I am pushed to learn more and take on more responsibility. Working in the Buch office I know I am surrounded by people who want to see me succeed.  

What inspired you to go into the Construction Industry? 

Prior to working at Buch, I worked in accounting, and later I was a manager at a restaurant near the Buch office. I would see Buch employees come in every day, and I began talking with them and learning about their company. Carl Buch offered me a position in accounting, and I jumped on the opportunity. I never imagined I would be in the construction industry, but it has given me an environment where I can continue to learn new things.  

What is something about your job other people might not know about?

One of the most challenging and time-consuming parts of being an accounting clerk is check runs. Each week I process the checks that Buch sends or receives. We have several different subcontractors working for us under each project, meaning many checks for me to process.  

What is your why? 

My coworkers are my motivation to come to work. We all depend on one other to do our part in this company. I appreciate the Buch family and all the opportunities they have given me. To show my gratitude I do my part as an accountant in order to see this company thrive.