Employee Spotlight


GREG KOZERO · Director, Retail

How do you envision the future of retail?
The retail industry continues to adapt to the growing online presence and technological innovation. It will remain our job to provide quality spaces to help our clients best fulfill their customers’ needs. We will continue to adapt to hyper local markets; whether it means downsizing the footprint of sales floors, increasing storage capacity and order pick up locations, or building new distribution centers.

What does Beyond What’s Expected mean to you?
To me, going beyond what’s expected means doing the right thing on our jobs even if we aren’t contractually obligated. It’s being adaptable and looking out for everyone involved and not just looking out for ourselves.

What do you enjoy most about working in the construction industry?
I enjoy building lasting relationships throughout the project lifecycle and beyond. We finish several projects every month, but the relationships and friendships created with our trade partners, design teams, and clients last forever.

What is your favorite 90’s movie?
The Mighty Ducks

Name a time that you have pushed yourself towards a goal.
A few years ago I wanted to prove to myself that I could complete a Spartan Race, Marathon, and Triathalon all in the same year. With the help of my friend and coworker, Zach, I was able to accomplish my goal!